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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love you because

you are honest and strong
right here, in my arms
is where you belong
you hold me ,console me
and you are my best friend
i can't live without you
no need to pretend.
i love you because
you light up my days
fill my heart and my soul
with your sweet loving ways
i love you because
you never pretend
and if i'm hardheaded
you allways give in
you,re so easy to love
so hard to forget
faithfull and true
since the day that we met
i could search the world over
and still never find
a love like yours
you are one of a kind
i love you because
you are quick to forgive
overlooking my faults
each day that i live
so slow to anger
so quick to respond
to my loving wishers
above and beyond.

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